Saltwater fish, coral and invertebrate acclimation guide.

It is very important to follow the acclimation guide to ensure your success and the longevity of the marine animals you have chosen to be featured in your aquarium. The following information will provide you with an insight into a few details you may not be aware of.

Some marine animals are shipped without water.

Some marine animals are safer to ship without water. This may include certain snails, clams, anemones, and other invertebrates. Once you receive these, float these bags in your aquarium for approximately 5 minutes and then acclimate them via the drip acclimation method.

Slow drip acclimation.

This method allows for the fish, coral, or invertebrate to adjust to your aquarium parameters at a pace that is acceptable for that particular animal.

Slow drip acclimation guide.

Please take a moment to read through this suggested process before getting started.

What you will need: Styrofoam shipping container or clean bucket, Scissors, Airline tubing.

Open your box and place the styrofoam container or bucket near your aquarium making sure it is on a surface lower than your aquarium so that a siphon will be possible.

Cut the top of each marine life bag ¾ open and gently pour the water and marine life from each bag into the container. *Tilt the container slightly to allow fish to swim freely.

Using a piece of airline tubing about 8ft in length (you can always cut it down), take one end of the tubing and tie a simple knot leaving approximately 6 inches beyond the knot. At the other end of the tubing, use a rubber band to fasten a small piece of live rock or other small weight.

If using the Styrofoam container, cut a very small hole about two inches from the top. It should allow the tubing to fit snug and not fall out during acclimation. If you are using a bucket, you can use an airline tubing suction cup to keep it in place.

Thread the knotted end of the tubing through the acclimation container so the 6 inches are hanging through into the container and the knot sits right on the outside. Take the other end of the tubing that is now attached to a small piece of live rock, and place that end in your aquarium careful not to set it where it will suck up sand.

Creating the siphon: The easiest way is to pull out the knotted end, loosen up the knot, and suck air through the tubing until water starts to come out of your aquarium. Quickly tighten the knot and place the tubing back through the container as it was before.

Adjusting the knot will determine the flow rate. It should remain at a steady drip, but not a flow of water. Times for dripping can be found in the item description for each animal we offer. When the suggested time is up, net the marine animal out of the acclimation container and gently place it into the aquarium. Discard the water in the acclimation container.

Invertebrates should be acclimated the same way but in a separate container. Corals should not be drip acclimated. They should be floated to temperature, and then carefully placed into the aquarium.