Why OceansGarden.com?

We think it is time to celebrate the advances that aquarists are making in the world of aquaculture.  New species are being bred in captivity at an increasing pace and the variety and quality of frags have never been greater.

At Oceans’ Garden Aquaculture we believe it’s time to celebrate the advances in aquacultured marine life and make them available to you all in one place.  We will have the complete lineup of products from powerhouse aquaculturists like ORA, Proaquatix, Eye Catching Corals, ACI Aquaculture, and our own offerings at down to earth prices.  We promise not to give you the impossible to replicate in the tank photography, glitzy self promotion, and huge markups.

Our aquacultured fish are kept in special systems that have never had wild caught marine life in them.

We offer select reef packages from local suppliers that promise to be the freshest and most cost-effective reef packages in the industry.

We are part of the Deep Blue Seas family of brands…each offering a unique selection of products and purchasing options.  Please take a look around.  We hope you find something you like!




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